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Sellers have enough to worry about with readying their home for market on top of planning the move to a new home. Your team from The Wolgin Real Estate Group will handle the in-between to ensure you have a successful sale with no regrets. We’ve proven year after year to be one of the Triangle’s top real estate teams, recently being the number one producing team in the number one producing office in the area. Our first year as sellers, we outsold every other agency in North Carolina, a testament to our dedication to our clients. Our team packs the experience and passion to sell your home quickly with maximum profit.

What to Expect in The Selling Process

Sellers usually have one main goal: to get the highest possible return on their home. However, a number of factors can get in the way. Strict deadlines, damages to the home, market fluctuations, and more can present complications. The Wolgin Real Estate Group helps you prepare for and handle problems before they come up. We’ll work quickly to accommodate your timeline. We’ll expertly suggest home improvements to help maximize profits for a quick sale before going on the market, as well as connect you with our vetted list of premier contractors to make any needed upgrades. These steps and connections will lead to cleaner inspection reports and a smoother overall selling experience, equaling less headaches and more smiles.

Read more about our step-by-step process to sell your home below.


Evaluating Your Property

We know we’re not doing our sellers a service by misleading them or letting them proceed without a thorough, honest, and objective evaluation of their property prior to pricing and going to market. With our experience of the local market in the NC Triangle area, we’ll give you our evaluation and suggestions and strategize to improve your property in the current market environment.


Pricing Your Listing

Properties listed at the right price sell the quickest and put the most money into sellers’ pockets. Pricing is actually a delicate decision, one that can make or break how well the home does in a market that’s time sensitive. When sellers overprice, it can keep a property on the market longer than necessary, resulting in price reductions and buyers making low-ball offers.


Negotiating with Buyers

Once your home has been listed, you’re bound to get some bites from potential buyers. However, no matter how your home is priced, buyers will always try to offer the lowest price possible or negotiate for seller concessions. Neither party wants to lose money. We see this with every sale, and we’ll help you respond to offers and counteroffers in a way that keeps you in control.


Handling Inspections & Repairs

Price negotiations are only the beginning. Once a contract is in place, there are documents, disclosures, and inspections that must be handled. Any of these items can result in further negotiations, causing delay—something no seller on a deadline wants to face. Our agents are experienced in quickly and correctly moving this process along so your sale isn’t hindered.


Getting from Contract to Closing

At this point, sellers are often faced with dozens of detailed tasks, document deliveries, deadlines, inspections, and mortgage details between the price agreement, contract, and closing. This whirlwind can be overwhelming. We’ve seen every one of them and will keep your transaction organized and moving while keeping you informed and involved at every step.

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We won’t waste your time by being unrealistic. We’ll give you an honest estimate of what your home is worth and what your list price should be to get your home sold. Our team will help you navigate the market and make the moves that keep you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your sale. To get started, just fill out the form below and click “submit.” We’ll be in touch with you soon to get your home one step closer to sold.

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